Open: 🦋 Tability 2021 Q2 OKRs – Metamorphosis

There are tons of OKRs examples, but not many from real companies. That’s why we decided to open (part of) our own OKRs so that it can help you with your own process.

Learnings from previous quarter

Check 2021 Q1 OKRs to read about the previous quarter.

The OKRs

Objective 1: 🌳 Accelerate our growth

  • KR: Increase MRR growth by XX

  • KR: No more than XX churned customers

  • KR: Hire fullstack dev

Now that Tability 2.0 is out of the bag we want to focus back on growth and call it out directly in our objectives.

This is why we’re putting the MRR number right here. It will help us consider initiatives that can both attract new users and accelerate conversions to paid.

Adding the dev role hire at the bottom might look like a stretch, but we consider it key to the success of that objective.

Objective 2: ❤️ Ensure leads turn into activated customers

  • KR: Hire CX lead to help create a great onboarding experience

  • XX% of leads create a plan on the same day

  • Do XX customer demos per week

  • Increase number of weekly active contributors from XX to XX

  • Keep NPS above 60

This objective goes with the previous one. If we’re going to work on attracting new customers then we need to make sure that we don’t have a leaky funnel.

The KRs go wide on the different ways we can make progress towards that objective. From hiring to product improvements to engaging with customers, there are multiple ways we can tackle that goal.

Objective 3: 🌱 Attract HQ Leads

  • KR: XX direct referrals from happy customers/advocates

  • KR: Double the number of leads

  • KR: Turn successful users into 30 public pieces of feedback.

The key here is the “HQ” (high quality) part of the objective. It’s important for any org to know who their customer persona is. That is, who is more likely to benefit from their products and services.

This objective is here to make sure we are intentional about reaching out to the people that can benefit from Tability (while staying open to everyone else of course).