Open: 🤺 Tability 2020 Q3 OKRs - Goliath

There are tons of OKRs examples, but not many from real companies. That’s why we decided to open (part of) our own OKRs so that it can help you with your own process.

The OKRs

Objective 1: ⚡️ Track KPIs as usual

  • KR: Grow the number of subscriptions past our first cliff

  • KR: 5x our MRR growth

  • KR: XX checkins tracked every week

Usually we would not track business as usual KPIs as part of the OKRs. They’re BAUs, so you just keep an eye on it to make sure things are on track.

OKRs should be used more to work out a specific muscle of your org.

With that being said, we realized at the end of Q2 that we hardly looked at our BAUs metrics and we wanted to get back in having good habits.

I’d definitely recommend NOT having an Objective that says “track BAUS” as it’s pretty useless

Objective 2: 📣 Get Tability everywhere

  • KR: 36 posts published in our blog

  • KR: pass 500 tweets on Twitter account

  • KR: pass 500 followers on company LinkedIn account

  • KR: weekly design/feature update

The goal here is to focus on our content engine and learn about our ability to be active on social media, while also building the product.

Objective 3: 🤝 Scale via partnerships

  • KR: establish 20 partnerships with relevant partners

Work on a mid-term play to grow via relevant partnerships.

(the actual OKRs was a bit more specific, but this one is intentionally kept vague)

Objective 4: ❤️ Excel at solving the tracking problem

  • NPS stay above 60

  • 30% of the new leads go through a 4-weeks onboarding program

  • Simplify the platform

Product-focused OKRs to make sure that we don’t forget about making Tability as great as we possibly can.

In retrospect, should have been Objective #1 (ranking shouldn’t matter, but it’d still make an impact to put it at the top).

Post-quarter analysis

Hey reader 👋 before you go on and replicate these OKRs, here are the learnings:

  • 4 Objectives was too much for us. Too many competing priorities.

  • We were quite ambitious with our social media goals, but it helped realize that we needed more help.

  • Get a good mix of hard goals, and things that you know are within reach. It’s easy to sink your morale if everything is in the red.