Open: 🐧 Tability 2020 Q4 OKRs – Phoenix

There are tons of OKRs examples, but not many from real companies. That’s why we decided to open (part of) our own OKRs so that it can help you with your own process.

Learnings from previous quarter

Check Tability 2020 Q3 OKRs to read about the previous quarter.

The OKRs

Objective 1: 🤝 Get the 2.0 in the hands of customers

  • KR: Have more than 100 weekly checkins in V2

  • KR: Get 40% PMF

Following Q3 we decided to build a new version of Tability which would include all our learnings to become a true collaboration platform.

The KR is intentionally focused on people using the V2. We could have written “Ship the beta of the V2” but the focus would be on deploying the app, instead of making something that people use.

The usage goal is coupled with a satisfaction goal using the Product/Market fit survey

Objective 2: ❤️ Bring an amazing onboarding experience to our customers

  • KR: All new signups go through new onboarding process

  • KR: Increase conversions to active workspaces

Here we wanted to balance the focus on V2 to make sure we still gave a great experience to people signing up on V1.

Note that we did not have the new onboarding designed at the time of writing the KRs – but we would treat that as a task rather than setting a KR to “have a new onboarding process designed”

Objective 3: ↻ Build a functioning low-touch growth engine

  • KR: XX direct referrals from happy customers/advocates

  • KR: Double the number of leads

  • KR: Turn successful users into 30 public pieces of feedback.

Big ambitious OKR around the Referral stage of the AARRR funnel.

“Double the number of leads” is a poorly written KR if not qualified. You want to double the number of weekly, monthly or quarterly leads.

Objective 4: 👍 Become a trusted source for goal-setting and OKRs

  • Get 6 podcasts published on ODT

  • Get 12 articles posted on ODT

  • Be on 1st page of Google for “outcome-driven” and “outcome-driven teams”

  • 3k subscribers for ODT

  • Get 10 expert profiles on the website

This Objective is a follow-on from the previous quarter (O: Get Tability everywhere).

We decided to structure our effort by launching, a publication focused on goal-setting and best practices for outcome-driven teams.

Having good content would help us publish more.

Post-quarter analysis

Hey reader 👋 before you go on and replicate these OKRs, here are the learnings:

  • We obviously did not learn from our previous quarter about having too many competing objectives. 4 Objectives IS too much.

  • We had too many OKRs requiring long-lead time to observe results (V2, new ODT website, referral program). We had leading indicators of success, but it’s important to ship early and often. Success is when we deliver value to folks, not when we deliver the promise of future value.