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For each of the Objectives (not the KRs) listed in Tability, we write down a simple assessment of where we ended up.

The example below is an excerpt from /wiki/spaces/PD/pages/1981284353 Tability 2020 Q4.




Get 2.0 in the hands of customers

titleoff track

  • (plus) Our team is using the V2

  • (plus) Got great feedback on onboarding → “Have had a chance to play with the app, one of the most intuitive experiences for building out a plan that I have used.”

  • (minus) Got distracted by unplanned project that started after the quarter.

  • (minus) Only our team is using V2

  • (minus) Still at alpha level, missing a lot of core features

Become a trusted source for goal-setting and OKRs


  • (plus) ODT is launched

  • (plus) Good SEO, owning the ‘Outcome Driven Teams’ search term

  • (plus) Started to build relationships with writers.

  • (minus) Having trouble getting consistent flow of content

  • (minus) Need to ramp up onboarding of new contributors

  • (minus) 0 podcasts published - need to find easier process for this



Use the Looking back section to think about what happened during the quarter. This will help everyone to bring back the start of the quarter in mind and get the right context to think about the future.

  • What are key events that might have affected the work? (holidays, new hires, unforeseen event, key launches…)

  • What are good things that happened?

  • What are bad things that happened?

How to:

  • Nominate 1 writer for the key events and take 2-3 mins to list all the things that happened during the quarter.

  • Open up the docs to all contributors and take another 5 mins to list all the good things and bad things that happened during the quarter.

  • Don’t try to come up with solutions! This section is purely about sharing information – no judgement. You’ll have an opportunity to discuss options in the next section.

You’ll find below some examples taken from /wiki/spaces/PD/pages/1981284353 Tability 2020 Q4. Replace with your own evaluation.



Here you can start listing ideas on how you can improve next quarter:

  • What should we start doing?

  • What should we stop doing?

  • What should we continue?

How to:

  • Each contributor takes 5-10 mins to list their suggestions in the start/stop/continue columns.

  • Do not discuss the suggestions! This is a brainstorming exercise and it’ll be extremely costly if you stop to argue each statement.

  • Once everybody is done (or 10 mins have passed) you can read all the suggestions and:

    • Clarify things if they’re ambiguous (don’t judge, just clarify what is meant)

    • Group items that are similar

  • When the grouping is done, you can vote on start and stop items! Each contributor has 3 (star) that they can add next to the item they value.

  • When the voting is done, you can take 5 minutes per item to discuss the top 3.

You’ll find below some examples taken from /wiki/spaces/PD/pages/1981284353 Tability 2020 Q4. Replace with your own evaluation.